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Our pH/ORP sensors are now available on the Model 2000 Analyzer. This added capability makes it easy to have one analyzer for your DO and ORP points in BNR processes.

The 20 Series Wireless System is here. This new approach will reduce the cost of installing dissolved oxygen, suspended solids, pH, and ORP throughout your plant.

Oxygen Solubility Table

MPA48 Analyzer
This multi-parameter analyzer comes with 4 sensor channels standard and expandability to 8. The MPA48 is compatable with any combination of Optical DO, SS, pH or ORP sensors.

Fluorescence Dissolved Oxygen monitoring technology that is not damaged by direct or indirect exposure to Sunlight.

No Risk Guarantee

Model 2000 Analyzer

Flourescent Dissolved Oxygen Sensor


Water & Wastewater Quality Instrumentation

20 Series Wireless
20 Series Wireless Communication System with Dissolved Oxygen, Suspended Solids, pH, and ORP Sensors

The NEW InsiteIG 20 Series Wireless System is comprised of a Process Transmitter, Sensor Transmitters, DO Probes, SS Probes, and pH/ORP Probes.

The 20 Series System will support wireless communications with up to 16 probes in any combination. The system is designed for flexibility with economical process monitoring and control.

Analyzer/Sensor Selection Table

Sensor Single Channel Dual Channel Multi-Channel Wireless Portable OEM
Optical DO 1000 2000 MPA48 20 Series 3100 4000
SS 1500 2000 MPA48 20 Series 3150 4000
pH - 2000 MPA48 20 Series - -
ORP - 2000 MPA48 20 Series - -

Dussolved oxygen sensor options

suspended solids sensor options

pH sensor / ORP sensor options