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Model 10 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Model 10 DO Sensor

Single Channel Analyzer (SCA)

Single Channel Analyzer (SCA)

Dual Channel and Multi-Channel Analyzers are also available.

Portable Optical Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

Model 3100 Portable DO

The 5 THINGS to know about Optical Dissolved Oxygen

1. What is the total cost of ownership for 5 years or 10 years?
The InsiteIG sensor has no consumables to replace periodically.  Almost all other Optical DO sensors require replacing sensor caps yearly at a cost over $100.00 per year.

2. How long has the manufacturer been making
Optical DO sensors?

InsiteIG has been in business manufacturing Optical DO
sensors since 2001.

3. Can the manufacturer supply references with at least 5 years of experience with the sensor?
InsiteIG has multiple references with 5 to 7+ years using our sensor.

4. What is the sensor warranty?
InsiteIG offers a 5 year sensor warranty.

5. Are service contracts required to get technical help
over the phone?

No, InsiteIG is happy to provide technical support over the phone with no strings attached.  Due to the straight forward setup and operation of InsiteIG systems, our customers find that technical support is seldom needed.

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