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Model 3150 with 35L SensorModel 3150-35L System

With over 15 years of experience designing and manufacturing suspended solids analyzers and meters, InsiteIG has a proven record of supplying suspended solids instrumentation to water quality professions.

Monitoring Sediment in Runoff Water

The InsiteIG Model 3150-35L is an inexpensive, reliable way to monitor sediment concentrations in a slurry, stream, or ditch. An accurate reading is available in less then 15 seconds of putting the sensor in the solution to be measured.

The measuring range is 0 to 1,500 parts per million of sediment concentration. The complete system includes the meter, sensor with 20 feet of cable, battery charger, download software, and a soft carrying case. The price of the complete system is $1,550.00.

The download software allows you to define sample locations, save sediment concentration readings along with a date and time stamp, and then download the data to a spreadsheet. This makes it easy to organize the data and allows for simple graphing.

Runoff SS Data Sheet.pdf (102 KB)

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