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Model 3150 portable suspended solids analyzer

Model 3150 Portable Suspended Solids Analyzer with Model 35 standard range sensor.

Model 35L suspended solids Sensor

Optional Model 35L Sensor

InsiteIG Model 3150

Portable Suspended Solids Analyzer

The InsiteIG Model 3150 portable SS analyzer is a state of the art, easy-to-use meter that provides many benefits to the water & wastewater treatment plant operations staff.

  • real-time SS for better process control

  • eliminates the need for daily lab analysis

  • data logging with direct downloading to your PC

  • designed specifically for MLSS and RAS

This system is supplied with Model 35 standard range sensor as shown.

See also our Continuous Suspended Solids Sensors page.

Download Files:

The optional Model 35L Sensor was designed to measure very low solids concentrations typically found in secondary clarifier and plant effluents.

For: Clarifier & Plant Effluent